Ronald McDonald House Birmingham is one of the largest in the country with sixty-six bedrooms. Located in the heart of Britain's second city it serves families with a child sick in Birmingham Childrens' Hospital.

These families are not local, they come from all over the country for the specialist treatment this hospital offers. Ronald McDonald House provides them with a home from home.

These pictures show Birmingham's Childrens' Hospital. A very special place.

Ronald McDonald House is just a short walk from the hospital. Every room in the house has a direct phone link to the child's ward.

To quote the words of Libby, the House Manager at Birmingham, ours is a loud house.

While caring with a loving arm about each family its philosophy is to have fun and to provide an environment packed with activity while at the same time having quiet spaces for those who need it.

Any excuse for a party and we will take it up, explained another member of this loving, fun house team.

Birmingham Children's Hospital is one of the top four specialist childrens' hospitals in the country. As a nationally designated specialist centre for epilepsy surgery the hospital sees patients from Birmingham, the West Midlands and far beyond. The hospital houses a neo-natal department and a paediatric intensive care unit. As well as this the facility is also a trauma centre for the West Midlands, a national transplant centre and a centre of excellence for complex heart conditions and the treatment of burns, cancer, liver and kidney disease. Accommodating all of these specialities means that over 240,000 patients visit Birmingham Children's Hospital each year.

Could this be the world's largest jigsaw puzzle ?

It stretches right across one wall in a room. Goodness knows how many tens, no hundreds, of thousand pieces it has within it.

OurRebekah supports Ronald McDonald House with a number of projects. There are items within our e-bay page dedicated to this house. Every goal Sheffield Wednesday Football Club sponsors the house.  Our Golden Gate Bridge Fun Run will also support Birmingham. Talking of Bridges The Bridge House is dedicated to Birmingham as is the Wild Adventures of Di Central Eating. 

OurRebekah is all about having fun, doing some amazing, crazy and often silly things. It is all about smiling and helping others to smile. As we do this we will support Ronald McDonald House Charities as it puts a loving arm around families with sick children in hospital, people who are going through some very hard times.

Spend a few moments with us here, check out our different events then come and have lots and lots of fun with us.

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You would think, would you not, that a laundry room would be a pretty boring old place but just look at this. Don't you love the painting on the wall ?

When one particular child was in hospital and his family staying in the hospital, granny took up residence in the laundry room from where she took charge of doing the washing and ironing for every family.

Not sure is she is one of the two ladies in the picture !

Birmingham is known as The House That Love Built. Love oozes from the walls, love to support families staying there.

This beautiful wall painting in a playroom was put there by a family whose child, sadly did not survive treatment. It was give to the house in love to say THANK YOU for the support given.

Is that The Wave Of Love. That is the name of our daily blog. You can check who is surfing our wave each day by checking our home page.

Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham is one of the largest in the country. It costs 25 a night to care for a family, with 66 rooms that comes to 1,650  day,  11,550 a week, a staggering 600,600 a year.

What OurRebekah can do is small but important.

Support, of course, does not mean only money. As well as sponsoring goals within Sheffield Wednesday's games we send team scarfs and match-day programmes to football fans in the house.

Here are some pictures taken at the house's Halloween Party.

To quote House Manager Libby, any excuse for a party and we will have one.

And here is House Manager Libby with OurRebekah Co-ordinator David.