Hello there, I'm David - Beck's Dad. Thanks for dropping in. I would like to take a moment to tell you of my hobby, a hobby I have had for fifty years, to write stories.

I would then like to explain how I have picked three of my books which I want to develop into a special project to support Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

Finally I want to invite you to become involved with me in making this project work and support families in the Birmingham house who have a child sick in hospital.

That's me on the right. the picture was taken right at the start of my writing, just as I was coming up to my seventeenth birthday.

Here I am now, that image is about six months old. I am actually working there on my story The Wild Adventures of Di Central Eating. I was preparing the text to appear as an e-book on Amazon.

Di and his adventures are already an OurRebekah project. We have a school whose children are busy illustrating each adventure. Each adventure has a dedication page, each page listing the kind people who have supported one of our projects.

When the book is republished in both traditional paper format and as an e-book all of the royalties from sales will go to Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

Di's adventures all took place within the Birmingham area so his book has to be a part of this Books4Birmingham project.

I write under the pen name of Max Robinson. The Robinson bit comes from my mother's maiden name, from my own Nan Robinson. Here she is as Great Nan with Rebekah and her two brothers. They called her Aeroplane Nan as she lived under the flight path to Gatwick Airport. She lived to be just a few weeks short of her one hundredth birthday. I plan to outlive her so I can keep writing my stories and make sure OurRebekah does, indeed, raise one million pounds for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

The Max bit of my pen name comes from the family pet we had when I was a small boy. Actually his name was Mack but I thought that sounded odd - Mack Robinson, so changed it to Max Robinson.

Here I am, aged perhaps five or six, playing cricket with Mack.

I was very fortunate as a child, I never went into hospital. Oh yes, I had all the childhood ailments but was never seriously ill.  My parents did not have to worry about my health, my care or my being away from home in hospital.

My family and Rebekah were not so fortunate. Beck spent her childhood in and out of Guys Hospital in London. My family was one of the very first to benefit from the first Ronald McDonald House in in the country. There are now fifteen with three hundred and sixty-five world wide in forty different countries.

I could not tell you what a burger and fries costs in McDonalds. I always pay 10, the change goes straight into the Ronald McDonald House collecting box.

My family has supported Ronald McDonald House Charities for thirty years.

The OurRebekah Project was started by a group of Beck's friends to help Ronald McDonald House Charities as it supports families with sick children in hospital, lovely people who are going through some very hard times.

Spend a few moments with Rebekah's family and friends, see what we are doing to help then come and join with us to put a mile on lots of faces.

This home page on our website will be a photo blog of all we are doing. As the project develops we will have lots to share with you.

You are visitor number


to our website. Thank You for dropping by

As you read through the various areas of our website please so after reading our POLICY so you can see how we plan for the Our Rebekah Project to work.

And please, please, please get in contact. Give us a call, drop us a line and follow us on social media.

Rebekah was known for her smile. She was our Little Miss Sunshine. In memory of a dear friends, daughter, sister, auntie and wife we want to take Rebekah's sunny smile with Ronald McDonald to brighten the lives of families who have children poorly in hospitals up and down the country.

But on now to my second Book 4 Birmingham.

1967 has gone down in history as The Summer Of Love, or The Year Of the Hippy. It has a much bigger significance in my life - it was the year I left school. I hated school and could not wait to leave. I hated every moment of my education. It was monochrome, totally boring and delivered by teachers whose knowledge was probably on the same level as my pet dog Mack !

One Friday afternoon in July 1967 a particularly arrogant you man walked out the school gates, turned to put two fingers up to everything the school stood for and walked into a new life as a management trainee in a Birmingham City Centre department store. I was determined I was going to become a nationally recognised business success.

I have told of my time working in that department store, which is just up the road from Ronald McDonald House Birmingham, in my teenage autobiography The Story Of A Teenager Entrepreneur. Note the word FAILED appears in brackets. After two years I left that department store, turned my career in a totally different direction and became, of all things, a teacher !

I am going to take my autobiography, which currently is published only on Amazon in e-book format, and turn it into a new paperback edition which will dedicate its royalties to Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

Books4Birmingham is not a project that will happen on any specific date, it will be an on-going activity probably with no end. As it develops I will be looking for friends to help me, to support me, to encourage me, to kick my backside now and then, to criticise my writing and suggest rewrites.  The better we can make the project the more support it can generate for Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham. I want to build a small support team round me so this does not become a one man effort.

So now to my third Book4Birmingham. The Bridge House.

Thee Bridge House is set around my grandmother Lily. As well as being her life story, a story where facts are  wrapped in my writer's imagination it tells the reader the stories of the times through which she lived. More than that it seeks to help the reader feel what it was like to live in those times.

That's Lily, my paternal grandmother, on the right. The picture would have been taken when she was about nineteen years old.

Lily was born in 1890 in The Bridge House in the Staffordshire village of Madeley.

The Bridge House opens in 1901, shortly after Lily's eleventh birthday and the death of Queen Victoria. It will end in 1983 when Rebekah is born.

Here is another picture of Lily with baby Rebekah in her arms. She was then ninety-three. Lily had three sons but no daughters. She then had four grandsons but no granddaughters. Along came my son, Peter, he first great-grandchild, then my brother's son Jonathan and my second son Matthew. No sign of any great-granddaughters.

When Rebekah was born she was the first Ashford girl to be born in one hundred years.

When Beck died I felt I could no longer write a book which was working towards her birth but if I stopped writing I probably would never write again, I would lose a hobby I have had for fifty years. My wife said I should write the book FOR Rebekah and that is what I am doing. Into the text, into the story lines I am sneaking little bits from Rebekah's life. I have created a fictional character who was a member of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. I have taken a real character, Violet McGurk, and renamed her Violet McDonald.

CHAPTER ONE begins in 1901 when Lily was eleven years old. It starts with the death of Queen Victoria and continues through Lily's life to 1912. 22.982 words at present.
CHAPTER TWO then pics up the story and takes it all the way to 1934. 17,789 words at present
CHAPTER THREE covers the years 1934 to 1945. 16.197 words at present and still writing the chapter
CHAPTER FOUR covers 1946 to 1983
CHAPTER FIVE returns to 1912

At the time of launching Books4Birmingham, 8th September 2017, I have printed off then entire text so far. I am going to go through all of this, proof read and eliminate the typo's and bring in some sub plots. When I have completed this I will continue writing.

I am convinced The Bridge House will be my best work so far. I am not William Shakespeare, I am not Charles, Dickens, I am even J K Rowling, I am not even Geoffrey Archer. I am just an ordinary guy with a love of writing and here taking that love to support Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

So click the three titles, read the text and see how I want to use it to support the work in Birmingham. If you like what you read, if you like what I want to do, then come and jojn the little team I want to set up. Support me and support Ronald McDonald House Birmingham.