This is David, Beck's Dad here. Don't be confused I write under the pen-name of Max Robinson. I would like to tell you about a book I wrote a long time ago and explain how we can turn this into a fun OurRebakah project to support Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

Are you sitting comfortably ?  Then I'll begin.

When I was still a teenager, fifty years ago, I started writing stories as a hobby. Little has changed. I tend to average five or six hundred words a day for what ever story/book I am playing around with.  Up to now I have written mainly as a hobby but this going to have to change.

My first published book was Peter's Magic Fountain Pen which I wrote for my oldest son's 12th birthday, he will be 37 in September. In those days I wrote under the pen-name of Jonathan Flie, today I use Max Robinson.

My grandson Adam asked if I had a copy of the book he could read so I climbed up into the loft and dug about until I found one.

Also in the loft I found a typed manuscript for another book I had written at the same time - The Wild Adventures of Di Central Eating. While the magic fountain pen is specifically for a younger reader Di could appeal to both a child and an adult. It is an adult's view of a child's life.

Sadly, I simply did not get my act together and it never was published.

Bringing that manuscript out of the loft and into the light

of day for the first time in twenty-five years I opened it to read the dedication page - TO REBEKAH WITH ALL MY LOVE.

Di's adventures are now published as an e-book on Amazon.  When Beck was in hospital in Oxford I purchased a download for her. I don't think she was that impressed !

Both Di and his adventures are fictional but all are based on experiences from my own childhood.I tend to write a book or story, publish it on Amazon then forget about it as I start work on the next project.

Amazon is for ever pushing me to promote my stories and make some money from them but that is not what it is about for me, I write for fun and not to become the next Roald Dhal.

Roald Dahl !  Ah - yes..........................

If you pick up any book by Roald Dhal you read not only his words but something else. A Roald Dhal book is a collaboration with this man - Quentin Blake.


His utterly brilliant illustrations make the book far, far more than just words.

I am sure Road Dhal could not possibly have achieved all he did without Quentin Blake and Quentin Blake, in my opinion, has never received proper credit for what he achieved.

It is EXACTLY the same with A A Milne's Winnie the Pooh stories. The illustrations make them what they are.  The Illustrator for Milne's stories was E H Shepard.

Here they are.

A A Milne on the left, E H Shepard on the right and Winnie The Pooh, of course, in the middle.

Taking a third example look at the amazing illustrations supporting Terry Pratchett's work.

I have never bothered to produce my books on Amazon in hard copy but I have felt for a long time that of all I have written The Wild Adventures of Di Central Eating has the potential to be a strong selling work.  I resist the expression best selling work ! To achieve this it would need to be illustrated. Read the text for yourself and see what you think.  All of the chapters are linked at the bottom of the page.

Di Central Eating could do well but NOT without it being illustrated.

I have thought about finding an illustrator, thought of different ways to find my own Quentin Blake or E H Shepard but have done little more than think.

I have an idea.  It is an idea I do so much hope that someone would like to pick up and to work with me to make Di a famous little boy. Let me share it here.

I would like to suggest that we take the story into a school and invite the school to make Di one of their pupils.

I would spend time telling the children in the school telling them all about Di and getting then to draw the pictures for each chapter. The illustrations would not be professional drawings as are those in the books of Road Dahl, Terry Pratchett and A A Milne but they would be so much better better and far, far more real.  Having pictures drawn by the actual readers of Di's adventures would be special - extra special.

I am suggesting we take some fly-on-the-wall photographs of the illustrations being made, I can do this, and add a gallery at the end of the book.

The head teacher of the school we work with will write the foreword.

We will publish Di Eating in paperback form on Amazon. The royalties from every copy we sell will be given direct to Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham.

Ronald McDonald House at Birmingham's Childrens' Hospotal provides 66 bedrooms for families who have a child sick in hospital. In addition it gives families the opportunity to cook together, to eat together so sharing eperiences and offering support to one another. The house also has a lounge, kitchen and play area for families visiting the hospital for the day.

1n 2016 Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham helped 1,183 familes to stay close to their children in hospital.

OurRebekah is all about having fun, doing some amazing, crazy and often silly things. It is all about smiling and helping others to smile. As we do this we will support Ronald McDonald House Charities as it puts a loving arm around families with sick children in hospital, people who are going through some very hard times.

Spend a few moments with us here, check out our different events then come and have lots and lots of fun with us.

You are visitor number

to our website. Thank You for dropping by.

Believe it or not Christmas IS coming so time to plan this project

Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham is more than just a place to stay. It offers comfort, support and a safe environment where families can interact, share their experiences and know that they will always have a shoulder to cry on. Extended families are invited to visit. The house hosts events and workshops to keep families strong and always full of hope.

The house is round the corner from Birmingham's Childrens' Hospital enabling families to continue their lives with some degree of normality, knowing they are just moments from heir child's bedside. To make them feel even closer to their child each room in the house has a direct phone line to the child's ward.

When we republish the book there will be a dedication page for each chapter.

CHAPTER ONE The Wild Adventures Of Di Central Eating will be dedicated to: All who take part in the Fun Run and all who have sponsored the runners + Sir Garfield Sobers and the person who buys his autographed photograph in our e-bay auction.

CHAPTER TWO Di's First Fish will be dedicated to: All who appear in our Smile Of The Month list

CHAPTER THREE Platinum Plated Pitchforks will be dedicated to: Those who over the years gave special support to Rebekah as she lived with her medical condition

CHAPTER FOUR Pathfinders In Space will be dedicated to: All taking part in and all sponsoring Fire A Rocket To beck

CHAPTER FIVE Rock And Roll Superstar will be dedicated to: All who have provided pop song items for our e-bay auction and all who purchase them within our e-bay auction.

CHAPTER SIX Nipper will be dedicated to: All who attend our doggie treasure hunt.

CHAPTER SEVEN Football Hooligan will be dedicated to: All who have given football items for our e-bay auction and all who purchase them.

CHAPTER EIGHT The Great Trolley Race will be dedicated to: All who have given motor racing items to our e-bay auction and all who purchase them.

CHAPTER NINE And Then There Were Three will be dedicated to: Those taking part in and those who have sponsored our Three Peaks Challenge, Lambeth Walk, Golden Gate Bridge Fun Run

CHAPTER TEN The Gypsy's Curse will be dedicated to: All who supported our Frog Challenge