On Tuesday 20th February 2018 it would have been Rebekah's 25th birthday.

Will you come to her party ?

If you look up into the sky on a clear night you will see millions of stars looking down on us.

One of those stars is named REBEKAH DEER. One of Beck's friends paid to have a star named after her.

You do not need a powerful telescope to pick out the star Rebekah Deer, it is the one that is smiling ! Rebekah was, of course known for her infectious smile, a smile that never went away even when she was very ill.

Yes, OurRebekah is generating support for Ronald McDonald House Charities but that is our end result, there is a lot happening before we reach our destination. Within all of our activities we aim to have fun, to smile and to put smiles on the faces of as many others as possible.

On Tuesday 20th February we want THIRTY FIVE friends to send a firework rocket high into the sky towards Rebekah's smiling star.

We have thirty-five special rockets to fire to Star Rebekah Deer, will you fire one ?

We want you to ask friends and family to sponsor your rocket for £2 on our Just Giving page.

The money we raise will be given to Ronald McDonald House in Bristol.

If we have 35 rockets with each rocket finding 10 friends supporting with £2 each that will give us:

35 x 10 = 350 x £ 2 = £700

Ronald McDonald House in Bristol works independently from the charity/'s central administration so we have had to set up a second Just Giving page. Please do not be confused by this.

Ronald McDonald House, Bristol is an independent charity which provides Home from Home accommodation, free of charge, to the families of critically ill children receiving care at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. When a child is very ill, they may need to travel away from home to receive the treatment that they require. Our aim is to keep families together during what is probably one of the most stressful times of their lives. We accommodate over 800 families each year, providing all the comforts that you would expect to find in your own home, with spacious en-suite bedrooms, kitchens and communal living areas. Bristol is the only dedicated children’s hospital in the whole of the South West of England and Wales which means we support families across the entire region. We are always at full capacity and have long waiting lists of families desperately needing our help.

When you fire your rocket we want you to take a selfie which we will put with all others into a special gallery.  We will have a bit of fun and a prize for the voted best picture.

Beck's Birthday Rockets are not Apollo 11 nor are they the traditional garden fireworks. They are much bigger and will make a grander explosion in the sky.

There are 35 and ONLY 35 rockets. We can not have 36, Beck would not have been that old, and we can not have a single rocket less than the all important number of THIRTY-FIVE.

Beck's birthday may be a little while away but we need to find those thirty-five mission controllers as soon as we can. It would be fun if we had rockets soaring up into the sky from as many different locations within the country as possible.

We need now to find those 35 mission controllers for our rockets.

You can register to have one of our thirty-five rockets to fire using the form below. Please do not be shy, assign one of the thirty-five rockets to yourself today.

OurRebekah is all about having fun, doing some amazing, crazy and often silly things. It is all about smiling and helping others to smile. As we do this we will support Ronald McDonald House Charities as it puts a loving arm around families with sick children in hospital, people who are going through some very hard times.

Spend a few moments with us here, check out our different events then come and have lots and lots of fun with us.

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All you have to do is to take your rocket into your garden, point it to Star Rebekah, light the blue touch paper and have your camera ready.

Ask you friends to join you and watch the rocket launch. Ask them to support Ronald McDonald House in Bristol by sponsoring your rocket for £2.

We will ask our friends in Bristol University's Astro Physics Department to train their powerful radio telescope on Star Rebekah to watch the smile.

However, Beck's smile will be so broad you do not need a radio telescope to see it. Just look up into the sky and you will not be able to miss Star Rebekah.

Bristol University's powerful radio telescope was funded by William P Coldrick who was Headmaster of the first school Beck's Dad taught in. Bill knew Rebekah when she was a very small child and suffering from chronic renal failure.

David, Beck's Dad, has a memory of Bill bouncing little Beck on his knee. Bill was a scientist but we are sure he would have thought Fire A Rocket To Beck to be a fun project and a special cause to support.